Natural sponge

Natural sponge

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100% natural sponge from the Mediterranean

The sponge is an ancient, simple life form that grows on the bottom of all oceans but that is particularly suitable for washing your skin:

  • the fibers of a sponge are very similar to those of silk and are therefore wonderfully soft to the skin
  • they can absorb a lot of water and easily release it
  • they are more hygienic than synthetic sponges
  • recommended for people with allergies or sensitive skin
  • they have been used for centuries to care for the skin
  • the Najel sponges are harvested sustainably so that the population does not become exhausted

Available in 12 cm and 14 cm.

Perfect for washing your skin, especially for people with sensitive skin.
A natural sponge gives a luxurious feeling when bathing and showering.

You can use the sponge with and without soap; preferably use natural soap.
After use, rinse your sponge with clear (warm) water to remove all soap residues and squeeze the sponge as dry as possible to keep your sponge fresh for longer.
Never wring a natural sponge, it can cause them to tear.
If you need to wash the sponge, you can do so in the washing machine on the wool washing program.
Never immerse the sponge in hot or boiling water.

Material: real, natural sponge
Diameter: 12 cm and 14 cm

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