Marco Polo's Treasure Dammar

Marco Polo's Treasure Dammar

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Eco-certified incense

Marco Polo’s Treasures incense is made with attention to the beneficial effects that the natural ingredients have on the body, mind and spirit.
Made exclusively from 100% pure resins and prized woods without the use of chemical or petroleum-based perfumes, certified by the prominent certifying agency Ecocert.

Dammar is an ancient resin that has a very delicate aroma, pleasant balsamic woody scent. For some people it is difficult to detect, but from the moment it is utilized

In Malay language the term Dammar means "light". The use of this resin has the power to enlighten and brighten dark corners of the soul; useful for combating sadness, melancholy and depression. Calming, it helps in relaxation.

Dammar resin of the Canarium Strictum tree, originating from India

15 sticks (20 cm long)

Additional information

In 1988 Fiore D'Oriente was founded in partnership with a group of families in India to produce the best incense and to provide our customers with a fresh and pure product.
Marco Polo’s Treasures is a line of hand-made entirely natural incenses, certified by ECOCERT.
The major ingredients of our paste originate in the pristine Indian  jungle, whereas the resins come from the arid desert territories of India, Arabia and Africa and are picked by nomadic tribes.

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