Sal (Shorea robusta) resin 45 grams

Sal (Shorea robusta) resin 45 grams

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Resin from Salboom, an important one for Nepalese shamans

The smoke of the sal incense resin is sweet and aromatic and has a strong transporting effect.
It is a primary resin of the Himalayan shamans where it is used to induce enlightening dreams while sleeping.

Soft but powerful fragrance, aromatic sweet with a slightly spicy aroma.

Particularly good incense that is very suitable for meditation, as an offering or just as an air freshener just before going to sleep.
Great to burn on its own, but you can also add it to other incense to soften the scent.

Content: 45 grams
Packaging: glass

Additional information

Sal, shala or sal tree is a subtropical tree, native to the lower mountains of the Indian Subcontinent. The tree plays a role in Buddhism because it is associated with important moments in Buddha's life.
It is used for many purposes, including burnt by Hindus as incense and used in Ayurvedic medicine.

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