Mala 108 yak bone with brass bead

Mala 108 yak bone with brass bead

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Beautiful, spiritual bracelet made of 108 jackbones with inlaid main bead

This beautiful bracelet is handmade in Nepal under good working conditions of 108 real yak bones (10mm) and an inlaid main bead made of bronze.

You can wear it for its beauty or for its spiritual significance.

This mala has a diameter of 26 cm.

What is the symbolism of yak bones in malas?

The use of yak bones in making malas is a traditional practice in Tibetan Buddhism.
Bones and bones are generally often seen as ominous and dark.
However, in Buddhism they are considered a part of the infinite karmic cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth.

Yaks have traditionally been important in Tibetan culture and have both practical and spiritual significance.
Not only are they beasts of burden, they also provide humans with essential things for survival such as milk, meat, wool and leather.

The use of yak bones in malas can therefore add a spiritual depth to the prayer process where one feels connected to a deeper symbolism of the animal, nature and the cosmos:

  • Protection from evil energies
  • Supports spirituality
  • Increases insight
  • Inner calmness
  • More self-confidence
  • Improved clarity of mind
  • Improved courage
  • Better control over the thoughts
  • Supports inner will and strength
  • Better understanding

Material: 108 natural yak bones and an inlaid bronze main bead
Yak bone diameter: 10 mm
Handmade in Nepal


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