kokonoe No Kumo (Indonesian Aloeswood)

kokonoe No Kumo (Indonesian Aloeswood)

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Exceptional quality Aloeswood incense

Kokonoe No Kumo translate as the scent of the imperial palace what indicative is for the exceptional quality.
This incense was reserved for nobility and the very rich.
Burning Kokonoe No Kumo garanties an unforgetable experience!

Individual packaged bundels of incense, presented in a nice red laquared box.

A traditional mix of hig quality Indonesian aloeswood with a subtle blend of Chinese herbs.

The recognisable aloeswood scent, warm and pleasant, is intens and makes its presents.
The herbs carry the aloeswood and make sure that the scent, although having a powerful character, is delicate.
The rich, warm woody scent pleasantly lingers for a long time, does not obtrude but make itself known.

Due to the high quality of aloeswood is this a perfect incense for meditation!
In Japan, frequently given to relatives and good friends as token of friendship and esteem.

7 bundels of 25 incense sticks (25 cm long)

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