Green tea Kukicha (60 and 250 grams)

Green tea Kukicha (60 and 250 grams)

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Moya Kukicha, a special Japanese green tea blend

Kukicha is a Japanese tea that is not made from the tea leaves but from the twigs and stems, a residual product from the harvest of the sencha leaves.
It has all the good benefits and properties of green tea such as vitamins, minerals and many antioxidants, but it contains very little theine (caffeine) that is mainly formed in the leaves.
That is why this blend is particularly pleasant to drink because it tastes sweet and does not have the sharpness of the other green teas.
In addition, it is an alkalizing drink that lowers the acidity of food and thus aids in the digestion of grains and vegetables in particular.

Kukicha has a unique taste, slightly nutty with a nice creamy, sweet aftertaste.

Kukicha tea can be drunk hot or cold.
Since it contains virtually no caffeine, you can drink it at any time of the day, even in the evening, without risking losing sleep.
It is the perfect tea to start the day because it supports the digestive system giving you lots of energy.
You can also drink this tea with and after every meal.

Sustainable cultivated stems and sprigs of sencha (green tea) from family tea plantations, grown without pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or GMOs

Content: 60 and 250 grams

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