Fitness resistance bands wirh door anchor

Fitness resistance bands wirh door anchor

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Quality fitness resistance bands

These high-quality 100% natural latex fitness resistance bands have nothing but advantages: you can train all muscle groups of your body (strength, mobility, stability) where and when you want and they are made to be used for a long time and extensively.
The door anchor makes it possible to do overhead pulling excercises too.

Extra: the set comes in a handy and compact case and comes with a link to free online training sessions from the Via Fortis coaches.

Perfect for your home gym: usable with more than 100 different exercises, you can put together a complete workout routine of your choice, use it for the warm-up / cool-down or to take your yoga session to the next level.
Stowable and easy to take with you: do not buy an expensive gym subscription if you have a (too) busy schedule, but just train at home, at the office or even while traveling.

The resistance bands come in three degrees so that you can choose a band appropriate to your fitness level or difficulty of the exercise.

Material: 100% natural latex
Dimensions: all resistance bands are 200 cm long (100 cm diameter) and 15 cm wide

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