Fadlagret Mjod mead 75cl

Fadlagret Mjod mead 75cl

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Fadlagret Mjod, mead aged in oak barrels

Looking for a tasty mead?
Fadlagret Mjod is a modern Danish honey wine that has been aged for at least 6 months in old oak barrels.
It has an intense, spicy taste that differs from bottle to bottle because of the special maturation process.
Honey wine or mead is an age-old alcoholic drink based on honey, made with love so drink this mead with respect and reason!

What makes Fadlagret Mjød so special?

Fadlagret literally translates as 'barrel aged', it is a special part because it has been in oak barrels for at least 6 months.
The oak wood gives this honey wine its intense, deep taste that also differs from bottle to bottle.
Wooden barrels used to be the only way to store mead, so the taste of Fadlagret is like that of old times.

What are the ingredients of Dansk Fadlagret Mjod?

Water, honey, herbs

How does Fadlagret Mjodmede taste like?

The character of this honey wine comes from the 6-month maturation process in old oak barrels.
This gives it a nice spicy, intense taste and each bottle is unique with its own flavor profile.
Our mead will only mature and improve with time; it never gets too old to drink anymore.

Our serving suggestions for this honey wine:

  • pure drink or, to taste, mix with beer or process into cocktails
  • to be served with the characterful meal
  • as a dessert wine or aperitif
  • goes well with spicier flavors such as mature or aged cheese...
  • drink chilled on hot days, on cold days it tastes great when slightly heated


Content: 75cl
Alc. Vol. content: 19°
Packaging: traditional stone bottle with cork stopper

Additional information

Dansk Mjod (Danish mead) still brews in an old traditional way with 100% natural ingredients, without any artificial additives:

  • Honey, enriched with herbs is boiled in water and then left alone for 3 weeks to ferment
  • When the intended alcohol percentage is reached, the fermentation is stopped and the mead can mature
  • after having matured for at least 6 months, the Dansk is ready and bottled
  • The recipes used date back to the year 1700 AD.
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