EcoGrill BBQ (large)

EcoGrill BBQ (large)

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100% Natural, 100% BBQ pleasure!

The Ecogrill is an environmentally friendly BBQ on which you can cook, roast, grill and even smoke meat or fish!
It is a hollowed-out alder tree trunk of approximately 25 cm in diameter, provided with air slots and filled with alder charcoal.
No mess with chemical mixing fluid, no need for endless charcoal stimulation and therefore no stinging smoke in your eyes!
It not only looks very beautiful, it is very practical and simply wonderful to use.
The deliciously scented alder charcoal gives the dishes a pleasant, slightly smoky taste.
The design of the grill takes the maximum out of the wood: in addition to itself, the charcoal also completely burns off the surrounding alder wood (total burning time around 2.5 hours) and because it is 100% natural, what remains is biodegradable.

Whether it is summer or winter, the EcoGrill always guarantees a pleasant time with friends and family.

The EcoGrill is ideal for a BBQ at home or any event outdoors such as a picnic, a hike, at the campsite, the beach, festival ...
You can also use the EcoGrill as a starter for charcoal in a larger BBQ set.
You do not only have to use it for cooking, the EcoGrill is also fantastic as a campfire or mood lighting at night.Feel free to put an EcoGrill in the trunk of the car, mobile home or boat so that you always have a cozy BBQ fire quickly at hand.

Using it is super simple: place the grill on a refractory surface or in a BBQ set; light the supplied ecological lighting block and put it back in the recess; after about 15-20 minutes the heat is sufficient to prepare food on it.Keep some water at hand to temper the temperature so that the wood on the outside does not catch fire prematurely.

For every Ecogrill sold, 10 cents go to replanting trees.

Diameter: approximately 25 cm
Height: approximately 10 cm
Weight: around 2 kilograms
Total burning time: approximately 2.5 hours

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