Viking Blod barrel (5 liters)

Viking Blod barrel (5 liters)

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Sweet honeywine with a hint of hibiscus

Mead is an ancient, alcoholic beverage made of honey.
Gods, kings and common folk... all enjoy delicious honeywine.

Dansk Mjod (Danish mead) is still brewed the old fashion way:
Honey and herbs are boiled and let ferment for 3 weeks.
When the desired alcohol percentage is reached, the brewer stops the fermentation process; after maturing at least 6 months, the mead is ready for bottling.

Our mead will improve with time; it will never be too old to drink.

Water, honey, hibiscus, spices

This artisan Danish mead is made on an original recipe dated 1700 AD.
The hibiscus and the spices give this sweet mead a pleasant, soft-herbal, citrus flavour, comparable to madeira.

To be enjoyed pure or mixed in beer or cocktails.
Can be served with the lighter meal, or drunk as dessert wine or aperitive.
Goes well with softer flavoured products as young cheese...

Contents: 5 liters
Alcohol percentage: 19°vol
Packaging: metal barrel with a traditional wooden look to it and it has a tap for easy pouring

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