Copal natural incense

Copal natural incense

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100% natural incense from copal

Beautiful Sagrada Madre 100% unique natural incense, handmade in Argentina with Peruvian copal resin (copal), salt and charcoal, glued with a vegetable binder.

This incense has a sweet wood resin aroma that seduces.

Each pack contains 8 sticks that burn for ±60 minutes each.

What does this copal resin incense smell like?
This incense has a sweet, aromatic scent of wood resin.
It's a spiritual-feeling fragrance that's clearly present.

What can you use these copal incense sticks for?
This incense from Sagrada Madre contains 100% natural copal from Peru.
Experience the enchantment of Peruvian Copal with its aromatic resin scent that was already used by Mayan and Inca cultures for purification of spaces, generating abundance and establishing connection with divine energies.

But you can also just burn the incense for the nice smell and the wonderful atmosphere that it generates.

How do you use the copal incense sticks?
Light the desired amount of incense sticks and insert them into a suitable incense holder or stable pot with some quartz sand or lava sand.

Contents: 8 sticks of +/-20 cm long
Environmentally friendly packaging

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