White sage natural incense

White sage natural incense

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100% natural White Sage incense

Beautiful Sagrada Madre 100% unique natural incense, handmade in Argentina with white sage, copal, charcoal, bonded with a vegetable binder.

This incense has a particularly soft aroma that appeals to everyone.

Each pack contains 9 sticks that burn for ±45 minutes each.

How does this white sage incense smell?
This incense has the recognisable scent of white sage.
It is a warm, soothing scent that is present but very soft.

What can you use the sage incense sticks for?
White sage is known for its purifying smoke that has been used for centuries to dispel negative energies.
It is also beneficial, spiritual and mystical, providing a calm mind and abundance.
Partly because of the soft scent, this incense is suitable for many purposes: ideal for purifying a room, in preparation for meditation sessions, for various healing such as recovery after illness, during detox cures...

But you can also just burn the incense for the nice smell and the wonderful atmosphere it generates.

How do you use these incense sticks?
Light the desired amount of incense sticks and place them in a suitable incense holder or stable pot with some quartz sand or lava sand.

Contents: 9 sticks of +/-20 cm long

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