Argiletz Textilit green clay strips

Argiletz Textilit green clay strips

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Handy wound care skin strips with green clay

Green clay has been used for centuries for its detoxifying and skin nourishing effect because it is rich in minerals, enzymes and trace elements such as silicic acid, calcium, magnesium, aluminum and iron oxide, phosphorus, sodium, sulphur, manganese, zinc, chlorine, cobalt....

Textilit wound care strips are 24 paper strips of 100% vegetable cellulose (17 cm long, 8 mm wide) that have been impregnated with very finely ground Argelitz green clay.
They are perfect for taking care of small skin wounds. Very suitable for dislodging splinters.

They are 100% biodegradable (within 2 months).

Perfect for all outdoor athletes, gardening enthusiasts, handymen & women!

These strips of sun-dried fine-grained Illite clay from France can be used to stick on skin wounds to promote wound healing. They are also ideal for treating mildly inflamed wounds.

The Argiletz textilit green clay strips are very practical to use, even in an emergency.

  1. tear off 1 or the desired number of strips (depending on the surface to be treated)
  2. moisten the strip(s) with a wet sponge or cloth and wrap it with the darkest side around the wound
  3. press so that the strip lies flat against the skin
  4. moisten when the strip starts to dry
  5. leave it to act for 15 minutes
  6. the strips are for single use, you can repeat the process with a new strip

Green illite clay (France)

Content: 24 strips of 17cm x 8mm of 5 grams each (100% biodegradable)

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