12 nights incense

12 nights incense

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The secret of the twelve nights after Christmas

From December the 24th until January the 6th is a special period at which the doors of the other world are wide open.
In order to tap into this mystical time, our ancesters burned special kinds of incense:

Amber - reveals old knowledge in oneself and bans negative energies
Angelica root - is generating a protective shell out of light
Elecampane root - brings sunshine in your heart and delights ones mind
Fumitory - banishes harmful forces
Juniper berries wood - seen as protection plant against all negative issues, it clears the mind and endows power in order to resist adversities 
Mugwort - to ban ghosts and demons
Oak bark - protects and strengthens our power of resistance and straightness
Pitch Pine - has a purifying effect and shakes off melancholia and grief
Sweetgrass - Invites the beauty and is creating a warmhearted and friendly atmosphere
Vervain - opens the tie to the other world
Valerian root - opens the doors to the other world

To be burned on a charcoal tablet.

40 grams

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