Yogamat rubber Boho green

Yogamat rubber Boho green

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Boho green, the yoga mat for sweaty workouts

The Boho Green is a versatile yoga mat made of ecological natural rubber with an absorbent microfibre surface, printed with environmentally friendly water-based ink.
The soft microfibres feel very pleasant and have particularly good anti-slip properties for sweaty hands and feet.
The print is designed after the mysterious oriental carpets. The symmetrical print can be used as a alignment guide.

Perfect for hot yoga, vinyasa, bikram yoga, crossfit, fitness and other sweaty workouts: sturdy, sufficiently shock-absorbing and gives a good grip.

The microfibre surface provides optimal grip when it is slightly damp.
Before the start of the session, you can mist it with the supplied spray bottle (still to be filled with water).

Easy to maintain, just wash with a wet cloth after use and can be put in the washing machine
Do not put the mat in sunlight, UV rays break down the natural rubber quickly.
People with a latex or rubber allergy are not advised to use this type of mat.

Composition: natural rubber and microfibre
Dimensions: 183cm x 61cm x 3.5mm
Weight: 2.5 kg
Included: plastic spray bottle

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