Yogamat Cork Mandala

Yogamat Cork Mandala

Model: VM0596
EAN: 4250367932568
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A decorative yoga mat with mandala print

This beautiful cork yoga mat with a non-slip backing of natural rubber has a spiritual print of a mandala.
With a length of 185 cm and a width of 66 cm, it is a very spacious mat.
The 4mm thickness provides sufficient cushioning while still allowing you to feel the ground.

Cork feels very natural and due to the good insulating property, the mat is particularly pleasantly warm and comfortable.
The mat can be recycled without any problems.

The backing of natural rubber provides a superior grip on the floor and the surface of the mat ensures that you can perform all asanas in a natural flow without fear of losing your stability.
In addition, cork provides good traction, even if the hands and feet are slightly damp.

The Mandala yoga mat can be used for all yoga styles, in particular for the more intensive styles such as Power yoga and Bikram.Provides excellent contact with the ground and is therefore very grounding.

Materials: cork - natural rubber
Dimensions: 185cm x 66cm x 4mm
Weight: 2.2 kg

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