The Head Massager

The Head Massager

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For that sparkling experience!

This head massager seems a simple tool, but it is a thought-true stimulator. It is made of copper, acting as a conductor that interacts with the electric magnetic field of your body.

The massage device is originally from Australia, where the Aborigines use it for total relaxation and stimulation of the sexual appetite.
What probably once began by tickling each other on the head with a twig, grew into this therapeutic tool.

What does the Head Massager
It is a perfect anti-stress device, making the body release endorphins (also sometimes called happiness hormone): 

- Muscle relaxing effect, good in combatting tension headaches
- Reduces stress and soothes tense muscles
- Brings peace to the troubled mind, helps to eliminate dark thoughts and improves the mind
- Stimulates the circulation of the scalp, good against dandruff and dry skin
- Defeats sexual apathy

How to use
Long hair should hang loose to allow as much contact with the scalp as possible.
Put the Massager to the crown of the head, press the tentacles slowly on the head until they are completely around the head.
Then gently move up and down while meanwhile making light circular motions.
Slow movements provide a stunning effect: an intense feeling  with goose bumps and tingling sensations running through your body from the crown, over the spine to your feet.
Does only work when applied to another person, unfortunately you can't massage yourself.

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