Survival paracord bracelet Wolf cross (bronze)

Survival paracord bracelet Wolf cross (bronze)

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Beautiful, functional and spiritual bracelet with bronze wolf cross

This survival bracelet paracord smoothly combines functionality, beauty and spirituality.
Very useful to have with you if you are often outdoors.

The solid bronze wolf cross, symbol of strength, is beautifully finished.

The bracelet is made of 3 meters of black paracord that, despite its light weight, still has an impressive pulling force of 250 kilograms.
It has good resistance to dirt, dries very quickly and is particularly durable.

Originally, this rope was used exclusively for the lines of a parachute, but the extensive possibilities of this rope soon became known such as, among other things:

  • to lash everything
  • to make a fishing line
  • as a spare lace
  • to fix tent sails

Wolf cross
Material: bronze
Dimensions: 4 x 2.5 cm
Material: nylon paracord
Dimensions: width 20 mm x thickness 10mm x length 20cm
Total weight: 37 g

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