Soy scented candles The outdoors (4 scents)

Soy scented candles The outdoors (4 scents)

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100% natural soy candles with wild scents

These artisan and handmade soy candles in a resealable tin box were inspired by the wild nature of Montana (USA).
You can choose from the wonderfully soft scents of The Woods, Riverside, Campfire and Red Lantern Citronella.

All scents are subtly soft and feel very organic and natural.
They are not dominantly present but remain recognizable in the background.

Perfect for creating a cozy outdoor atmosphere in every room.
Easily transportable so that you can also create a wonderful feeling on the move (hotel room, camping tent ...).

The Woods
With the soothing aroma the Fraser Fir, an American spruce type that gives a very soft pine scent. The tree is also the favorite Christmas tree in the US because of its scent.

A slightly salty scent reminiscent of the beach and water, ideal for the bathroom.

With the fresh scents of black moss and amber, this soy candle clearly reminds of freshly cut firewood, ready for the campfire.
Perfect to evoke a more dynamic atmosphere.

Red Lantern Citronella
Classic lemon-fresh citronella, very suitable for keeping mosquitoes at bay or for creating a stimulating atmosphere.
You can also take this candle on your outdoor adventure to keep the mosquitos out of your tent or bivouac in the evening.

How to use
Open the can and light the wick.
To extinguish, you can replace the lid.
To have a nice flame, trim the wick a bit shorter.

Material: 100% soy wax with natural scents in a tin can
Content: 230 ml
Burn time: 45+ hours

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