Resin incense

Resin incense

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Ritual resin incense

12 classic resins that have been used since ages for ritual and spiritual purposes.

1. Styrax - creates romantic mood
2. Olibanum Eritrea - strong sacret and energetic properties
3. Barnstone - positive energy
4. Benzoë Siam - balsamic vanilla scent, soothes and calms
5. Burgundy resin - fortifies and strengthens
6. Copal Kongo - promotes fantasy and intuition
7. Black Copal Saumerio - cleansing, purges all things negative
8. Dammar - connect things
9. Myrrhe - warm, earthly feminin scent
10. Opoponax - protects agains negative influences
11. Sandarak - fruity, calming scent
12. Guggel - strong cleansing, important spiritual resin of India

Try them seperately or create your own magic mixture.
To be burnt on a char coal tablet.

40 grams

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