Raven skull with Vegvisir pendant

Raven skull with Vegvisir pendant

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Mystical raven skull with Vegvisir, the protection rune

This beautiful pewter pendant combines two powerful symbols:
The raven in old European mythology is an animal that has wisdom in store, including Wodan / Odin had two ravens who brought him daily knowledge of the world.
The Vegvisir, Icelandic for 'that which shows the way', is a symbol for protection composed of several rune signs.
It is mentioned in the Huld manuscript, a book of modern Icelandic spells.

This pendant is ideal to give to someone who is on a journey or making a fresh start.
The raven skull bestows wisdom and the vegvisir ensures that the wearer will never lose his way (or his destiny) in storms and bad weather, even if one does not know what the destination is.
Worn around the neck.

Material: tin alloy
Dimensions: 5 x 2.5 cm

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