Pi Yao

Pi Yao

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Protector and bringer of wealth

This pair of Tibetan Silver Pi Yao wards off evil, help overcome bad luck, increase wealth and good luck, protect against injury and appease the Grand Duke Jupiter. You should place a Pi Yao if you have just moved into a new home or renovated or carried out building work or are having a run of bad luck. He is also known as the lottery God and many believe by placing lottery cards under him will bring good luck.

These statues have dual use:
You can use them for burning incense, herbs or powders on a charcoal tablet or fill up the stomach with ingots or coins.

Pi Yao (or Pixiu) is a Chinese mythical hybrid creature considered to be a very powerful protector and bringer of good fortune.
It is a fierce creature, a winged lion with two horns and large fangs visible in the creature's mouth used to attack demons and evil spirits, draining their essence and converting it to wealth. In tribute to Pi Yao's ferocity and prowess in battle, it was the symbol of the army in ancient China. Also statues of Pi Yao were also used as tomb guardians.

As it is a guardina Pi Yao must be placed so it is facing out of the room it is placed in, preferably a pair of Pi Ya is needed to watch an opening or entrance.

Material: Tibetan Silver
Size: H15 x L15 x W7 cm


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