Neck Gaiter (3 colors)

Neck Gaiter (3 colors)

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Multi-functional neck gaiter, an absolute must have!

This neck gaiter of merino wool and silk is a multifunctional and essential clothing item for the active man and woman, suitable for sports, gardening, various outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking ...
You can use it as:

  • neck warmer and neck cooler
  • headband and bandana
  • hat and balaclava
  • wristband
  • protective face mask
  • in both warm and inclement, cold weather
  • and much more...

The gaiter does not take up much space so you can easily take it with you.
Available in 3 colors: burgundy, black and silver gray

The natural, moisture-regulating materials make this gaiter particularly pleasant to wear.
It not only offers excellent protection in both hot and cold weather conditions, it also blocks dust, sand and insects, for example while mountain biking.
Wear it to stay warm and dry, to cool off and to protect yourself against the burning sun or harse wind.
Simply immerse the gaiter in fresh water, wring it out and you have a cooling face mask, hat, wrist band ...

This super soft gaiter is made from organic merino wool and silk; 100% itching free material for the ultimate wearing comfort, even in the harshest weather conditions.

  • exceptionally good insulating and moisture-regulating effect, it literally forms a second skin
  • antibacterial, it slows the growth of bacteria that cause body odor
  • the wool fibers absorb UV rays so that your skin is protected from intense sunlight
  • easy to maintain and quick-drying: in a washing machine at 30 ° C with wool detergent or hand washretains its fit well, even after intense use and many washes

Material: 70% organic merino wool - 28% silk - 2 spandex
Colors: burgundy, black and silver gray
One size fits all
Label: GOTS

Extra: you don't even have to wash often or when you don't have the ability to wash, just hang your wet neck gaiter in a well-ventilated place to dry and you're ready for the next leg!

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