Natural desinfectant Rosemary (60ml)

Natural desinfectant Rosemary (60ml)

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Environmentally and skin friendly disinfectants for skin and surfaces

Eliah Sahil developed natural disinfectants in spray bottle with the strongly disinfecting essential oil of rosemarin as active ingredient.
You can use it everywhere: at home, in the office, in the gym and all other public places where there is a potential risk of infection.
Because this blend has a pleasant, warm woody scent, it does not disturb and is not associated with the scent of traditional disinfectants. This allows you to use them discreetly in public.

Composition: bio-ethanol alcohol (70%) with the essential oil of rosemarin.
Use: with this handy spray you can disinfect not only the hands but also treat risk surfaces such as door handles, toilet seats, and clothing ....
Available: in a 60 ml aluminium bottle with a spray head