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Moxa Roll pure

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Herbal remedy for relaxing moxa body work

High quality, traditional pure moxa roll (no additives), that gives an even heat and characteristic odour.
Available per single stick or box of 10.

Moxa is derived from Mogusa, the Japanese word for mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris).
Moxing is an ancient Oriental therapy often used in Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Tibet, Mongolia and since about 200 years in also known in Europe.
The therapy is closely related to acupuncture, but the basics are simple and for everyone easily to learn.

Moxa is used to treat acupuncture points, chakras or cold to the touch spots on the body to encourage better blood flow and / or to stimulate chi.
Moxing is ideal for chronic pain, weakness and lack of energy, insomnia, joint problems (works normalizing) and sexual problems.
Find soft, cold, hollow, energy-free spots on the body and place the burning stick to warm and energize them again.

How to use
The special feature of this plant is that while it burns slowly but very hot, it is also emits a pleasant and soothing infrared radiation.
The sticks are easy to use: light the moxa with matches, much like lighting a cigar; they do not fall apart easily and after use extinguish in a pile of salt (this allows you to use the rest next time).

Additionally, mugwort has often been used for centuries in ritual purification of people and spaces, so you can also use it as a kind of incense.

When you buy our moxa sticks you will receive a detailed explanation on its proper use (in Flemish/Dutch only).

Mugwort Leaves (China) - no chemical agents added!

Contents: stick of 20 cm (20 grams)
Available per single or 10 sticks

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