Mala rose quarts & amethyst with ohm symbol

Mala rose quarts & amethyst with ohm symbol

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Soothing mala with 108 beads of rose quartz & amethyst with ohm symbol

This mala consists of 108 beads made of polished rose quartz and amethyst with the ohm symbol as the main bead.
You can use it for spiritual purposes, but the mala is certainly beautiful enough to wear as jewelry.
Strung on a rubber band, this mala can be easily wrapped around your neck or wrist several times.

Symbolism of the gemstones
Rose quartz connects to the heart chakra and promotes the ability to give and receive love.
It harmonizes relationships, promotes love between people, and helps to accept yourself.
Amethyst is soothing and helps you gain insight into yourself.

How to use the mala with rose quartz and amethyst?
This soothing mala with its 108 beads is suitable for Japa (recitation of mantras), in meditation, as a protective amulet or simply as an elegant jewel.
You can wear this mala around the neck, wrap it around your wrist as a bracelet or hold it in your hand.
Can safely be combined with other malas.
Suitable for everyone.

Composition: polished rose quartz and amethyst, metal charm (nickel, lead and cadmium free)
Bead diameter: 8mm
Quantity: 108 beads + 1 ohm sign
Diameter mala: 45 cm

Additional information

A personal mala is a good and useful tool for meditating; It contributes to better focus, concentration and maintenance of awareness when meditating.

What's more, if you use the mala regularly with your personal mantra, it will absorb the vibrations of the meditation and eventually the mala will feel like an essential part of yourself.

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