Incense holder Mahan

Incense holder Mahan

Model: KH-697
EAN: 4250209850081
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Handy mobile incense burner Mahan

This special Mahan incense holder has a hinged grid lid and a long wooden handle, making it easy to take along, ideal for smudging or incense burning a room or person.

You can use the Mahan as a classic incense holder for incense sticks, incense cones, to burn resins, wood powders and herbs on a charcoal tablet, but because of the grid in the lid and long wooden handle, it is also suitable for mobile use.
This is useful for smudging, for example:

  • open the lid and put some sand in the container, this will absorb the heat a little
  • put a charcoal tablet on the sand on which you put loose sage, wood powders such as palo santo, resins or herbs
  • close the lid, this prevents the incense from being blown away when you move the holder but does allow the smoke to pass through
  • go around the room or person you want to smudge

Material: iron with wooden handle
Dimensions: L28 x H7 x ø 11.5cm

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