Rock salt lamp Grey

Rock salt lamp Grey

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Halite, healer of mind, body and soul

Grey rock salt lamps are always an asset in any room; beside their great aestestic value, these lamps also have a therapeutic effect, thanks to their ionisising effect and soothing colors.

The lamp has its own character, formed by its natural rough shape with relaxing colorsceme, and it makes a great decorative element in your living or work environment.
It looks great both in the daytime or when lit in the nighttime.

Halite is negatively charged and counters in a natural way the abundance of positieve ions generated by all kind of electronic devices.

Material: grey halite (aka rocksalt, Himalaya salt)
Weight: aprox. 2.5 kilograms
Measurements: H20 x W10 x D10 cm
Comes with a wooden base and light fitting with bulb.

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