Excellent Kobunboku 30 en 80 grams

Excellent Kobunboku 30 en 80 grams

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The expression of the plum tree

Kobunboku means 'plum tree', an important tree for the Japanese people as: 

  • its blossom is known as 'the flower of peace'
  • it represents the awakening of the senses, just like the appearance of plum blossom in spring represents the awakening of the earth

This incense has high quality ingredients setting it apart from others.

Available in 30 and 80 grams packaging.

A traditional mix of sandalwood and Chinese herbs.

Luxurious abundant yet pleasantly soft scent of sandalwood, with a herbal hint in the background.

A classic Japanese incense, suited for your daily meditation.
Makes a good house-incense if you fancy the feisty character of sandalwood.

30 gram, approx. 50 sticks (14 cm long)
80 gram, approx. 125 sticks (14 cm long)

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