Excellent 5 Incenses

Excellent 5 Incenses

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Premium selection incense

These 5 superior incenses are only made with the highest grade of ingredients; they contain e.g. Kyara, the highest category of aloeswood, worth more than gold.
Therefor, In Japan, this box is never bought for personal use, but it is given to family and close friends as token of respect, friendship, appreciation...
Packed in a lovely wooden box.

'Imperial palace'
Soft flower scent

Ho Ryu
'The blooming law' - a reference to the teachings of Buddha
Pleasant aloeswood and sandalwood, soft but still powerfull presents

Kun Sho
'The rising scent'
Pleasantly deep and sweet scent that slowly rises as it needs time to develop

Koh En
'Scent of garden'
Beautiful but soft flower scent with a hint of aloeswood

Koh Shi Boku
'Incense of Confucius (or the Master)'
Powerful herbal scent

It is burned only on special occasions, or as tribute to family and good friends when they come to visit.

5 x 5 gram, +/- 15 sticks (16 cm long)

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