Enamel mug 380 ml Wulflund (several versions)

Enamel mug 380 ml Wulflund (several versions)

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Beautiful enamel cups from the Wulflund Collection

An enamel mug is a good old friend both in nature and at home.
These enamelled cups have a good capacity of 380ml and are equipped with various motifs (plastic transfer):

  • Vegvesir - Literally translated as "That which points the way", it is an Icelandic magical bindrune meant to help the wearer find their way through rough weather. "If this sign is worn, one will never lose one's way in stormy or bad weather, even if the way is not known."
  • Leshy, the Slavic forest spirit - Literally, "[he] from the forest", is a guardian deity of the forests in pagan Slavic mythology. Leshy, a masculine entity with a humanoid form, rules the forest and hunting, he possesses the remarkable ability to take on the form of any apparition and can change in size and height.
  • Tanum petroglyphs - The petroglyphs of Tanum (Sweden) include more than a thousand rock carvings dating back to the Bronze Age, depicting people, animals, chariots, and ships.

The enamel cups are not only decorative, but also have a number of practical advantages:

  • The surface is very smooth, perfectly maintainable and therefore hygienic
  • very durable and long-lasting; The enamel protects the metal from corrosion, is very hard and heat-resistant (virtually non-combustible)
  • Highly resistant to the effects of all kinds of substances
  • has a high colour fastness

What can you use Wulflund enamel cup for?
You can use them as a drinking cup for hot and cold drinks.

Material: enamelled iron with motif (plastic transfer)
Content: 380 ml
Dimensions: 80 x 80 mm



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