Barber gift box

Barber gift box

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The complete barber set

This set contain everything a man needs for a perfect shave:

Aleppo shaving soap
Alepsoap is still being made according to the original ancient method: olive oiland laurel oil are boiled together to a paste; this paste is cut to size and let dry in the Mediteranian sun for 9 months.

Olive oil cleanses and grooms the skin, laurel oil has anti-septic properties; combined they made an excellent soap even for the sensitive skin.
Alep is 100% naturel, completely biodegredable and vegan: no colorants or smelling agents are added, nor animal or chemical substances.

This soap comes in a handy box with twist lid and is especially designed for wet shaving.

100 grams

Alum stone
This natural alum saltstone has astingent, healing and antiseptic properties.

Like the barbers from old times, you can use the alum after every shaving to cool the skin, to desinfect small wounds and to help stop bleeding or as a deodorant to prevent excessive sweating and smells.

How to use
Moisten the skin or stone, gently rub it over affected area.
This stone lasts a long time.

100 grams

Shaving brush
This brush is made of natural hair.

How to use
Create a creamy lather by making circular motions over the soap.
Apply lather to the skin.

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