Swedish bitter 'Baele' Maria Treben

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Herbs for making own Maria Treben's Swedish bitter

Swedish bitter is a strong blood purifier; it cleans up metabolism waste products by activating liver, kidneys and intestens.
Therefor the elixit is benificial to :

  • reumatic pains
  • exhaustion
  • loss of lust
  • indigestion

Because of its strong infleunce on our digestion, Swedish bitter is very succesful in cases of:

  • bloated feeling / flatuence
  • tense belly / bowel cramping
  • fat intolerance
  • constipation
  • nausea
  • stomach burn
  • lack of appetite
  • headaches after meals

Put the ingredient in a closely lid, glass container; add 1.5 litres of gin (38%vol); keep in a warm place, stir daily; filter the fluid after 2-3 weeks: the bitter is ready for use.

90 grams

Elfi Gress, Friday 06. April, 2007
These Swedish Herbs are fantastic! They are mixed 100% according to the original recipe from the great Maria Treben. All the different herbs are packed in single little plastic bags. The quality is the best I ever bought! It is much better than all Swedish Herbs I purchased in Austria and Germany! I know a family of Swiss Mountain-Farmers that has experience with herbs and healing with them for decades. They tried “Nickolas Baele Zweedse Kruiden” and were surprised of the high quality and that the finished elixir works much better than everything they used before. Thanks a lot Tom and Ann for bringing it to us! Swedish Herbs are really something wonderful. The can help health very much. For sure it can't claim to be a "cure-all" – but it is a surprisingly effective elixir that gives an awesome range of curative applications!

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