Salt pipe

Model: 10035 ZP
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Natural & gentle cleansing of the airways

White ceramic pot for breathing in salt.

The salt pipe utilize the simple curative principles of breathing salty air as in salt therapy centres/salt rooms.
Using the salt pipe, the salt crystals placed in the device come into contact with humid air and deliver the beneficial effect of salt therapy .

  • penetrate into every corner of the bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli,
  • deposit upon the surface of the cells, cleaning secretions, killing microbes and bacteria, leading in turn to a reduction in inflammation.
  • help the clearance of respiratory secretions, restoring the normal transport of mucus, unclogging blockages in the bronchi and bronchioles and upper respiratory tract.
  • build up resistance to respiratory infections.

Can be used by pregnant women, small children and people on respetory medicins.

Add a spoon of natural salt, halite or seasalt, on top of the ventilation holes and inhale a couple of times through the sprout.

You need to replace the salt on regular basis (can be used in the bath).

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