Zafu spelt filling (black)

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Ideal cushion for zazen

The zafu is both a utilitarian accessory and a symbol of zazen practice, the Japanese zen buddhist style of meditation.
Before and after sitting on the zafu, Zen practitioners perform a gassho bow to the cushion, to fellow practitioners, and to the teacher.
In many practice places, there is a prescribed form for respectufully handling zafu while walking in the zendo or meditation hall.

Our comfortable and supportive Zafu pillow provides better spine alignment and proper height for a more comfortable and deeper meditation.
The Zafu makes sitting meditation easier on the knees and ankles.
Our spelt hulls filling gently conforms to your body's shape and is wrapped in a strong, pure cotton twill shell.
Our Zafu pillows are a supremely comfortable resting place from which to embark on the meditative travels of the mind/body.

Often used in combination with a Zabuton.

Material shell: cotton
Material filling: spelt husks
Measurements: H18 x D35 cm
Color: black

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