Yoga mat Wool (Ohm)

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Manufacturer:Spirit of Om
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Woolen yogamat with energy symbool

Our woolen yogamat is made of 100% pure meriono sheepswool, soft and warm.
This version has a cotton hem, for extra reinforcement and decorative use.

Wool also has beneficial (therapeutic) properties that will improve your yoga experience:
it's pleasantly warm to the touch and it helps conducts tranpiration from the body.

The mat provide traction to hands and feet, while the latex underside grips the floor.

Suited for beginners and very appreciated by experienced practioners of yoga.

Suited for meditation.

In the center is an Ohm symbol printed.

Material: merinowool and natural latex
Color: naturel
Size: 198cm x 85cm x 20mm
Weight: 2.5 kgs


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