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Combat warts the natural way

Warts are caused by the papillomavirus, a persistent micro-organism that penetrate the skin and causes out of control cell growth in the epidermis.
Warts can appear anywhere on the skin, but are most prevalent on hands, feet and face.

Thurana Warts oil is composed of six essential oils, with a direct painless effect on the papillomavirus.
The essential oils of Tea tree, Thuja, lemon, lavender, Blue Cypress and Basil penetrate deep in the skin cels make the virus harmless.
The ingredients have purifying and antisceptic properties and do not affect the healthy skin nor will the cause redness.
Normally, the wart in gone in two to six weeks. 

Dip the Thurana Warts oil three times a day with the brush on the wart, if necessary cover with a band-aid.
Do not apply in the vicinity of the eyes!

10 ml

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