White Rice ash Miyoshi

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For Kodo ceremony

White rice ash permits charcoals and makko trails to breathe from all sides for a complete and uniform burn. This is much more efficient than using sand, salt, or earth; each of which only permit a flow of oxygen from the above the surface. Ideal for use as a base material to support burning incense sticks, charcoal burning, Kodo ceremony, and makko trail burning.

Try using ash to burn cones on. You'll never end up with an unburned chunk of incense like you do with sand and that means less waste.
Ash is completely reusable and, as you burn incense, adds to itself.
To keep ash flowing like silk you should occasionally run it through a hand flour sifter. This removes any pieces of debris and breaks the ash back down.

Through frequent burning your ash may pick up a burned or 'ashy' smell. To get rid of this odour, run the ash through the flour sifter (to remove debris), then place the sifted ash on a foil lined baking sheet. Heat the ash in a hot oven for 10 minutes. After the ash cools put it back into your censer or burner.
No more odour and your ash is again free flowing.

65 grs

mieke opteynde, Monday 10. December, 2012
Witte rijstasse wordt traditioneel gebruikt in de Japanse Reine-Landtraditie ( Boeddhisme) om wierookstokjes liggend te branden als teken van gelijkheid van alle wezens. Dit kan enkel op rijstasse vanwege de doorlaatbaarheid van zuurstof. Zeer goed produkt dat meermaals kan gebruikt worden, na veelvuldig gebruik, even de asse zeven en

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