Incense witch

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Manufacturer:Esoteric World
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Strength through calmness of mind

This lovely little witch always keeps her cool, even when facing a hot situation!
The flower scent of the incense calms the mind and uplifts your spirit, making you ready to face the world.

The witches head acts as a holder for incense cones.

Makes a lovely gift for your loved one or even for yourself!

The set contains:

  • 1 incense holder Witch
  • 8 incense cone: 4 x Rose (red) & 4 x frankincen (brown)
  • 1 incense mix
  • 7 charcoal tablets
  • 1 little bag of sand
  • 1 copper incense scoop
  • 1 box of tiny witches matches

Esoteric World

Most of their products are manufactured under their supervision in an ashram in India, where they closely monitor working conditions and salary of the workers. The labour force consist mainly of farmers wifes who thus can generate an income of their own. Child labour is strickly not allowed.

The ritual incense and ayurvedic products are manufactured according traditional Vedic recipes and techniques; a part of the revenue of these products is used for supporting an ayurvedic hospital which offers free medical care for the poor.

The provenance of the products of other manufacturers is closes monitored; each year several visits are made to these factories to check on the working conditions.