Mii no Umeshu Sake (300ml)

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Authentic Japanese rice wine

Since old times Sake has been said to be the best of all medicines.

Umeshu is a liqueur (plume wine) that has been consumed for over 1,000 years in Japan.
Ume plums contain lots of potassium, calcium as well as other minerals and it is revered as a health drink.

Our Mii no Umeshu is made by soaking unripe ume plums in sugar and 5 year aged Biden sake. 
This refreshing drink has a very pleasant sweet-sour fruity plum taste, likable for all.

Serving tips:
If you are looking for an aperitif or degistive to go with (Japanese-style) meals, umeshu is a good choice.
It is also very suited as a base for cocktails and long drinks. 

Brewery:Inoue Gomei
Type sake:Junmai umeshu
Rice grain after polishing:35%
° Vol.:10%
Sake meter value: 
Serving temperature:Cold - Ice cold

Rice, natural water, ume plums, sugar koji yeast

300 ml

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