Trio Tibetan incense

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Heavenly incense

Trio of the most important incenses: Dolma, Sal Dhoop en Na Swa Doop.

Contains 3 boxen with 27 incense sticks (17 cm long) and a small ceramic incense holder


Dolma contains 31 ingredients, including lotusflowers, sasparillo and sandelwood.
Aids against stress, promotes a good nights rest.

Pleasant sweet-fresh scent, soft and aromatic.

Sal Dhoop

Sal is one of the most important resin to shamen from the Himalaya; it purifies and calms the mind, freeing it from burdens that cloud the minds eye.

Typical herval scent but with a fresh and airy aroma.

Na Swa Dhoop

Na Swa Dhoop bcontains 31 medicinal herbs including Jatamansi, also known as the Valeriane of the Himalayas.
This incense calms and promotes self confidence.

Soft woody scent, pleasantly aromatic.

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