Tribal leather cuff Sun

Model: 10601 sun
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Manufacturer:Gypsy Intent
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Spice up your wardrobe! 

A tribal style leather band made out of surplus materials.
It has a nicely tattered bottom edge, and two layers of leather.
Adorned with a brons plaque, real and leather feathers and charming beads.

Use it to spice up your summer festival wardrobe.
Tie around your upperarm for that tribal look, but alos looks great tied around the waist or the thigh, or even just under the knee. Tie it around one of your leather boots or use it on a hat. They look great tied around the hips with a bikini too.

You tie the cuff on with it's adjustable long deerskin lace in a buckskin color. At the ends of the deerskin ties I've added African trade beads and feathers.

One of a kind item!

Can be worn by him and her.

Total length: 150 cm
Leather patch: 21 x 10 cm