Trail Crew Soap Sierra Granite

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Manufacturer:Juniper Ridge
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Sierra Nevada in a bottle

This liquid mildly foaming soap is suited for both men and women.
Originally designed as soap for the Juniper Ridge trail crews who venture out to collect the raw materials to take along their hikes.

The Sierra Granite Cologne has a warm herbal scent of Pine pitch, cedar boughs, glacier-fed rivers, sun-washed boulders, a cozy cabin in the Sierra Nevada with the smell of winter right around the corner..

Saponified organic coconut, olive and jojoba oil and 100% natural fragrance made out of 
sustainably in the wild harvested tree pitch, plant sap/juice, steam-distilled essential oils found in the Sierra Nevada.

Multi-use as hand soap, body wash or all-purpose camping soap.
Use in the kitchen, bathroom or take along on holiday, outdoor adventure...

Wild harvested

You only need a small amount so this bottle goes a long way.

200 ml plastic bottle

Juniper Ridge

The jolly folks at Juniper Ridge take sustainable entrepeneurship very seriously:
they harvest parts of wild plants in such a way that the plants themselves are not harmed in any way what so ever;
the packaging is 100% eco-friendly, made out of recycled chipboard and vegetable-based plastic;
the company donates 10%of its profits to organisations defending Western nature.


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