TractionCuff Women's L/S shirt

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Manufacturer:Crescent Moon
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Designed for yoga & pilates

The TractionCuff is a patent-pending long-sleeve Modal ® cotton shirt that is specifically designed for yoga and/or Pilates.

This innovative new design incorporates non-slip tumb-hole at the end of the sleeves that allow the wearer to pull the end of the sleeve over their thumb, which allows the cuff to transform into a half-glove. The non-slip silicone material on the lower half of the cuff is now positioned directly under the palm and provides excellent grip during yoga and/or Pilates practice.

We chose to use Modal cotton as it is a 100% natural fabric made from beech wood and cotton. Even after repeated washing, Modal ® retains its color brilliance while it remains absorbent, soft and supple just like on the very first day.
The basis is a natural raw material. The pulp and fiber production are conducted in accordance with the principle of sustainability.