Total Nutrition Organic (200 grams)

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It has never been more important to ensure we receive a comprehensive supply of food-sourced nutrients.
BetterYou™ Total Nutrition offers you every essential nutrient in a daily powder supplement for people of any age. It provides these nutrients in a complete food state rather than in a synthetic or isolated state, providing nutrients in their most absorbable form, the form our bodies most expect to receive them.

TotalNutrition can be enjoyed by the entire family and is suitable during pregnancy and while nursing. Barley Grass contains gluten so we do not recommend this product for those on a gluten-free diet.

Its unique, 100% organic, raw food formula ensures the highest bio-availability of nutrients in their raw food state. Contains 10 organically harvested superfoods. Ideal to be taken between meals to maintain optimum energy levels. Bursting with a powerful range of nutrients for optimum health.

This product will provide nutritional support for every body system - skin, hair, nails, teeth, bones, digestive system, and the immune system.

Total Nutrition benefits the body in 3 distinct ways: -

1. Fast acting: Strong antioxidant qualities support the body’s cellular uptake of oxygen, giving the metabolism a boost shortly after ingestion.

2. Stable energy release: Pre-Sprouted Barley’s soluble fibre content becomes gelatinous, protecting its nutritional content and sustaining a stable energy and nutrient release. Pre-Sprouted Barley has the potential to generate 400% more energy than conventional Barley and contains a host of nutrients essential for health and well being.

3. Optimal absorption: The ratio of eight essential amino acids within BetterYou™ Total Nutrition virtually mirrors those essential for the human body to thrive, ensuring optimal absorption and efficient energy distribution.

Simply add to water, fruit juice or a smoothie for the ultimate in nutritional drinks and the perfect nutritional supplement for busy lifestyles, when ill or convalescing.  TotalNutriton can also be added to gazpacho soup, pump up your pesto or give your guacamole a powerful kick in the nutrients.

Pre-sprouted Barley, Flaxseed, Quinoa, Billberry, Carrot, Spirulina, Kelp, Barley Grass, Apple, Tumeric
Organic origin

200 grams


All BetterYou™ products are manufactured in the United Kingdom to the highest standards of purity and sterility, and this is important to us.
All our ingredients are naturally sourced and each product works in a harmonious way with the body’s natural cycle.
We believe that nutrients obtained from a natural raw food-source are far superior to those that are isolated or man-made.
They are more easily, and so more quickly absorbed by our bodies as they are in a form our bodies expect to find them.

No products or ingredients used have been tested on animals.


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