Tjalle Tjarvigg (resin wood)

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Deliciously versatile

The roots of the most nothernly located pine trees of Lapland are abundant with aromatic resin.
With these shaving you can add a touch a woody resin scent to many things:
Add a piece to your mead or vodka so it gets infused with the smokey resin flavor;
Or boil for a few minutes to get a delicous tea that will chase away little colds and early flu;
Fashion cocktailpins so your snacks get a touch of Lapland's forest...

Can be used multiple times over again and when it has lost it rich scent, you can use it for lighting your fire place or BBQ.

Ideal for taking along on your outdoortrip such as hiking, biking, canoeïng...

20 grams

Wilma Naturprodukter

Wilmas natural products are made in the forest reigon of Swedish Lapland utilising the old knowledge and techniques that have been used for centuries by the forest people who have lived and worked there.
Tried and tested natural remedies and products in accordance with traditional methods.


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