Tamaki Junmai Sake

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Authentic Japanese rice wine

Since old times Sake has been said to be the best of all medicines

In order to make the best use of the energy of a natural blessing and a life, our sake is brewed with organic ingredients, additive-free and with only a natural fermentation; this traditional way is called “Kimoto” (“Ki “ means life and “Moto” means “koji yeast”, a starter of brewing).
In the Japanese art of sake, the kimoto brewing process is rare. Few sake breweries are able to provide the meticulous hand brewing steps required of the kimoto title.

Junmai in the title refers to pure sake, pure in the sense that no adjuncts (starches or sugars other than rice added to the fermenting mixture) were used, and that no brewer's alcohol was added either.
Junmai must be made with rice with a Seimai Buai (degree of milling) of at least 70%, what means that the rice has been polished so that no more than 70% of the original size of the grains remains.

This gives the Junmai sake a fuller, richer body and a higher-than-average acidity.
Alcoholcontents is 15° vol.

Serving tips:
This sake can accompany the entire meal, from light dishes to sushi as well as the more heavy meals like tempura and meat.

Organic rice, natural water, koji yeast

720 ml

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