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The essence of the Far East

Shukohkoku means 'gathering of fragrant countries'.
The incense is made out of traditional ingredients, popular on the Silk road, also known as the Incense trail.

A traditional mix of aloeswood, Indian sandalwood, cinnamon, cloves and Chinese herbs.

This incense symbolises the essence of the Far East: complex but in harmony, a rich, full scent of sandalwood and aloeswood.
The herbs bring a lovely warm touch to the dry woody scent.

A classic Japanese incense, suited for deep meditation.
You can burn this incense on special family occasions or when good friends com to visit.

80 gram, approx. 100 sticks (14 cm long)

Baieido has been producing high quality incense since 1657.
Only natural ingredients are used which burn cleanly with little or no smoke and no toxic fumes.

Baieido's incense is like opening a door and finding, to our joy, an old friend waiting there.
In this way it is good fortune to sit quietly, relax, and perhaps sip some tea while enjoying the exquisite offerings of fine Japanese incense.


Marc Horemans, Friday 08. September, 2006
Een zachte eerlijke wierook, die de geest aandachtig houdt ; een geur zonder franjes die zich niet opdringt op een agressieve maar wel een kruidig, en aangenam timbre heeft en zeker aan te bevelen is voor langere meditaties

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