Swiss Ball (75cm) with DVD

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Suited for persons over 178 cm in height

Professional quality Swiss ball, GS tested for burst-resistance and for a load rating of 300kg.
This versatile ball comes boxed complete with a hi-pressure 15 cm pump and a comprehensive work out DVD including 40 great Swiss ball work outs inclusing warming up, body weight excercises and dumbbell work outs using the ball.

Swiss balls are one of the most popular training aids these days as they have such diverse usage, such as Pilates, in (pregnancy) yoga, for strength training, for core stability work and more.

It's ideal for yoga, Pilates, working out or physiotherapy and it can be use as an ergonomic chair.

Selecting the right ball for you:
Choose it based on your height:

Persons < 167 cm: 55 cm ball
Persons 167 - 178 cm: 65 cm ball
Persons > 178 cm: 75 cm ball

Burst-Resistant & Max Load:
Many balls claim to be anti-burst but few have independent certification.  
A Burst-resistant ball is one where if the ball is punctured under load then the ball will not explode, sending the user crashing to the floor, but will slowly deflate. Tested balls will have a rating - our Swiss Balls are tested by RWTUV Institute to the GS standard which rates our ball as burst-resistant whilst under an 80Kg load. The maximum load of a ball is the maximum load that can be put on the ball for safe use, this includes the weight of the user plus any freeweights that may be being used.
Our Swiss ball is load rated to 300kg so an 80Kg man with a 100kg barbell would be ok.

When choosing a ball, check that the ball is tested for burst-resistance and that the load rating is suitable for you and your intended usage.  
Also look at the weight of the ball itself as this is a good indicator of its likely strength.

Preparing your Swiss Ball:
When blowing your Swiss ball up for the first time it is recommended that you blow it up to 70% of its size and then leave over night before inflating to its full size. The next day you can safely inflate it to its correct maximum size, but at no time, do not over inflate your ball!