Smudging Herbs Duo

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Authentic smudge herbs, fresh from the mountains

Traditional Native American mix of wildcrafted herbs in a 100% biodegradable packaging of recycled chipboard.

In combination with e.g. a natural abalone shell, you can use this mix in your own spiritual ritual.
Ideal for cleansing a room, in preperation of meditation, during detox, when recovering from sickness...


It is renowned as a smudging herb for its subtle, sweet scent and dream-inducing qualities.

This spruce tree grows in arid areas; its sweet resin scent invokes a comfortable and calm atmophere and brings rest to a weary mind

Lavender Flowers
Brought to the Americas by the first European settlers, this plant became quickly popular with the Natives.
It is said that the soothing and relaxing scent attrackts good spirits.

30 grams


Yerba santa
This herb is considered by Native Americans as holy. It is been used for ages for treating diseases of the airways. The smoke is said to clear the atmosphere of blokkages which helps the breath better. Yerba santa brings clarity to the weary mind.

Comparable to white sage, it has a strong cleansing property.

Red Sandalwood
Sandalwood has a strong impact on the mind; it makes one ready for deep meditation.

30 grams

Juniper Ridge

The jolly folks at Juniper Ridge take sustainable entrepeneurship very serious:
they harvest parts of wild plants in such a way that the plants themselves are not harmed in any way what so ever;
the packaging is 100% eco-friendly, made out of recycled chipboard and vegetable-based plastic;
the company donates 10%of its profits to organisations defending Western nature.


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